In December 2019, Kelly Clarkson asked her fans to submit stories about good neighbors. This is what one person said about their former neighbor: “We will remain family from this point forward. I can’t imagine life without this amazing woman.” From small gestures of kindness to a lifelong bond, this transformation is an inspiring example of what can happen when you try your best to be a good neighbor. Want to join them? Here are six rules all good neighbors should follow.

Rule #1: Keep a Noise Curfew 

What would life be without a little noise? Whether it’s cheering for your favorite sports team, singing along to love ballads, or using power tools for DIY craft projects, making noise is going to happen in your apartment. But good neighbors keep the noise within the rough boundaries of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Rule #2: Be a Respectful Party Host

When you’re inviting a group of people over, tell your guests in advance where they can park, and during the party, obey noise ordinance laws. If you’re hosting something like a back-to-school party, consider inviting your neighbors. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and it will help you get to know them!

Rule #3: Introduce Yourself Early On

When a new neighbor moves in, go over and welcome them to the community! Bring them some treats, introduce yourself, and tell them about local events they might want to be aware of. It’s the neighborly thing to do.

Rule #4: Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Having a pet is a great way to break the ice and meet your neighbors as you’re coming and going. A sweet puppy or an approachable cat is a sure way to bring smiles to your neighbors’ faces. On the other hand, a misbehaving pet can cause strife between you and your neighbors. Be sure to train and be responsible for your pet.

Rule #5: Don’t Be a Gossip

Did you hear something crazy about your downstairs neighbor? Keep it to yourself! It may be tempting to spread gossip, but think: Do you want to live in the kind of community where people gossip about each other? Encourage kindness by being the one to stop the spread of gossip.

Rule #6: Handle Conflict Judiciously

The best way to handle conflict is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Be respectful, and let your neighbors know if you’re going to do something that will affect them. And if your neighbors are bothering you, be upfront and kind about it. If the issue escalates, follow the right process for settling the issue.

There you have it: six rules all good neighbors should follow. Try them out, and see how it makes your life—and the lives of those around you—better.