Hiking has become the fourth most popular outdoor activity in the United States. It’s no wonder why: Hiking is good exercise, reduces anxiety and depression, and is an inexpensive hobby. Plus, with all the closures and cancelations from the COVID-19 pandemic, hiking is a great way to get outside while staying healthy and safe!

You don’t have to go far to find places to hike; there are some great hiking trails right here in Norwalk, California! If you will be in Norwalk this summer and are craving some quality time with Mother Earth, here are some of the best hikes in the Norwalk area.


Murphy Ranch Trail

For a short, moderate hike, head to Murphy Ranch Trail, just 20 minutes away from Norwalk. The hike is a 1.7-mile loop that features beautiful wildflowers. Bring your dog along if you’d like, as dogs are permitted on a leash!


Worsham Canyon Trail

If you prefer a slightly longer hike with scenic views, consider hiking the Worsham Canyon Trail. This is a 2.5-mile out-and-back trail rated as “moderate.” It is a good trail for hiking and running, and it is great for a variety of ages and skill levels.


Peppergrass to Rattlesnake Ridge West Trail

Finally, if you want to see the ultimate view from the small mountains nearest to Norwalk, try hiking the Peppergrass to Rattlesnake Ridge West Trail. This is a moderate 5.1-mile out-and-back trail that features a phenomenal view from the top of Whittier Hill. On a clear day, you can see Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the ocean!


No matter your age or skill level, Norwalk has hikes you can enjoy. Hiking is extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health, and summer is a great time to take advantage of the gorgeous hikes in our area. These are a few of the best trails to get you started—but if you decide to stick around and explore the area more, the Courtyards and Tierra Palms offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments for rent in Norwalk, CA.

Image courtesy of Kevin Santiago on AllTrails